The KNOW range - including No Bleeding Lips

Know range


KNOW Cosmetics is a Fixer Brand! Solutions for your everyday makeup challenges.



Concern: Your lipstick or gloss is bleeding & feathering.

Solution: no bleeding lips

This indispensable Secret Lip Liner is colourless, creating an invisible line around your lips. It stops lipstick & lip gloss bleed and feathering plus creates a sheer defined lip shape.

Since it's colourless, this Secret Lip Liner can be worn with any colour of lipstick or lip gloss. It's waterproof & long-lasting (5 hours or more) so you can wear your lipstick & lip gloss with confidence.


Concern: You have dark under eye circles and an uneven complexion

Solution:no dark shadows


Concern: Lips are too thin

Solution: no thin lips


Concern: Brows are sparse, uneven & unruly

Solution: no bare brows