Labonics - The Art of Organic Skin

LABONICS is an intelligent organic skincare system that uses the best from nature to nourish your skin.

Sourcing the highest quality botanicals, extracts and essential oils, LABONICS craft their serums, oils, moisturisers and cleansers to help balance the environmental stresses of modern life.

LABONICS is the first New Zealand organic skincare brand to be tested for overall skin safety, meeting the standards of International Contact Dermatitis Research Group in Australia and Personal Care Products Council in USA. In summary, their products are safe to be used by all skin types including sensitive and easily irritated skin.

  • No animal testing
  • No genetic modification
  • No synthetic pesticides

Labonics Skincare System Overview

Radiance. Normal/Dry

Deeply nourishes, repairs and hydrates

Suitable for all skin types but especially those with normal / dry skin, and those looking for ongoing daily nourishment that protects against fine lines and wrinkles while defending against increasing environmental stressors.

The RADIANCE system is formulated with the signature ingredient Rose otto oil which is packed with antioxidants, and is famous for its complex molecular composition, healing and rejuvenating properties. 

Labonics Radiance Skincare System

Renew. Ageless

Regenerates, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles

Suitable for those who are concerned with premature ageing or aged skin. Can be used seasonally when skin is at its driest, or for cooler climates where moisture levels are more quickly wicked away from the face.

The RENEW system is formulated with Jasmine which works to improve uneven pigmentation such as sun spots, age spots, discolouration and restore skin’s moisture levels.

Intensely luxurious and nourishing to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, skin is rejuvenated and regenerated deep within epidermis.

Labonics Renew Skincare System

Balance. Combination/Oily

Gently soothes, cleanses and protects

The BALANCE system is suitable for those with combination and oily skin types that regularly produce excess oil and shine. Can be used seasonally in times of need, or for those in warmer climates where lighter hydration is needed to keep skin comfortable.

Australian Tea Tree is used for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, making it ideal to help prevent acne and blemishes. By controlling the skin’s natural oil production, the range is designed to gently mattify without stripping the skin.

Labonics Balance Skincare System