Abercrombie & FitchAbercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch stands for effortless American style. Since 1892, the brand has been known for its attention to detail with designs that embody simplicity and casual luxury. Rooted in a heritage of quality craftsmanship, Abercrombie & Fitch continues to bring its customers iconic, modern classics with an aspirational look, feel, and attitude.


First Instinct Female

First Instinct for Women is at once feminine, playful and alluring. With a sensual opening of Sun-Kissed Magnolia and a sparkling development of Wild Orange Flower, the fragrance leaves an effortlessly seductive trail of Warm Amber.

It is Abercrombie’s fragrant interpretation of that first moment of attraction, that first glance, when two people’s worlds collide and a spark is ignited. A memorable floralcy that speaks louder than words, it is captivating and distinctive, blended for the woman who follows her First Instinct.

First Instinct FemaleFirst Instinct Female

First Instinct Male

First Instinct is a masculine and irresistible contrast of freshness and warmth. Abercrombie & Fitch’s New Fragrance translates the exciting feeling of a first glance, an initial, powerful connection.

The sparkling Gin & Tonic and Kiwano Melon notes amplifies that moment. The feeling is pure and unstoppable. 

First Instinct MaleFirst Instinct Male

First Instinct Extreme

First Instinct Extreme is intriguing and charismatic – intensely masculine. The opening notes create an instant rush of invigorating pepper, followed by an unforgettable development of warm cardamom; the base notes leave an irresistible trail of sensual leather.

It is Abercrombie’s fragrant take on the charismatic personality of a man who is naturally attractive. A genuinely intriguing and addictive woody spicy oriental, blended for the man who is driven by his First Instinct. 

First Instinct ExtremeFirst Instinct Extreme

First Instinct Blue for Men

First Instinct Blue is unexpected, bold and truly masculine. Its bright formula opens up with the freshness of frozen apple, develops with crisp lavender, but then leaves a deeper trail of addictive amber.

It is Abercrombie’s fragrant interpretation of the moment of exhilaration when you feel the sky’s the limit. A fresh, one-of-a-kind Fougere scent for the adventurous man who lives by his First Instinct.

First Instinct Blue for MenFirst Instinct Blue for Men