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A New Zealand owned buisness, Two Islands is a health and wellbeing company dedicated to providing consumers with simpler ways to take care of themselves. Guided by a love for nutrition and a no-fuss philosophy, they take a simpler approach to the formulation of their products: no fillers, no unexpected surprises, no anything at all you don’t need. Just the pure, great tasting goodness you do need to look and feel better every day.

Two Islands has a focus on making geniunely bioeffective nutrition. A chance to invest and retain your beauty everyday, which is a day you'll never have again. That's why they focus on ensuring products combine the most effective ingredients at the most effective concentrations. Every single day.

Product Ranges

Collagen Powder

Two Islands Marine Collagen Beauty Powder is sustainably sourced from Norway. It is high quality and high strength so you notice results fast. All the Collagen Beauty Powders help support healthy hair, hydrate skin, promote nail growth as well as joint and gut health. It is water soluble and heat stable meaning you can mix into your coffee, tea, smoothie, or simply have it in water.

Two Islands Collagen PowderTwo Islands Collagen Powder

Pea Protein Powder

Two Islands Pea Protein Powders are low in carbs, fat and sugar as well as being vegan friendly and free of dairy and gluten. The Golden Peas that make up the base of our pea protein powder are grown in Canada and then sent to New Zealand where they are blended at our factory with a handful of other ingredients.

Two Islands Pea Protein PowderTwo Islands Pea Protein Powder

Happy Gut

Combining a high dose of glutamine with soothing herbs including slippery elm, chamomile and ginger, Happy Gut supports gut health and overall digestion for a happy gut. Formulated by a naturopath and herbalist to nourish and support gut lining integrity, this specialised blend helps to reduce bloating and supports digestive comfort. With added Hawke’s Bay prebiotic apple fibre and chia seeds. Happy Gut provides a good source of fibre to support healthy digestive function and promote the growth and activity of good gut bacteria – all wrapped up in a pleasant drink that tastes like spiced apple pie.

Twp Islands Happy GutTwp Islands Happy Gut

Milk Maker

Milk Maker naturally supports optimal breast milk production during lactation. Specially formulated by a naturopath and herbalist with high strength Fenugreek, plus Goat’s Rue and Fennel which are well-known for their galactagogue properties. Milk Maker works quickly and effectively to support healthy breast milk volume and flow. This unique combination of herbs along with added Shatavari supports the body’s natural response to stress while soothing the digestion of both Mum and baby. 

Two Islands Milk MakerTwo Islands Milk Maker

Super Beauty

Super Beauty is a plant-based beauty supplement with scientifically researched DracoBelle™ Nu and high strength Hyaluronic Acid to work from the inside out to support skin moisture, elasticity and the body’s own natural collagen production. Combined with antioxidant rich NZ Blackcurrant, Zinc, Biotin and Silica, Two Islands Super Beauty is your ultimate beauty solution for healthy skin, hair and nails.

Two Islands Milk MakerTwo Islands Milk Maker