04 Sep 20

OPI Diamond Hard Gels

Offer your clients beautiful nails that look and feel natural!

Intended for 

Tip overlays, natural nail overlays, fills & short length sculpted extensions


For ease of application. Available in clear and selected natural-looking OPI shades

High & low viscosity

High enough viscosity for nail pros to easily apply product without running or dripping. Low enough viscosity for the product to self-level, allowing for easier application.

Base Gel

The first step to the service application. Provides maximum adhesion to the natural nail. Acts as a flexible barrier to the nail and product.

Gloss Top Sealer

Provides high shine and protective barrier from daily wear and tear. Stain resistant formulation to prevent common environmental staining (new jeans, skincare/makeup products).

Clear Builder+ Gel

Offering clarity and shine. Perfect for clear overlay finish, nail art capabilities, encapsulating: glitter, embellishments, confetti, stickers, etc.

Alpine Snow (Ultra White) Builder+ Gel

The brightest white with a cool tone to prevent yellowing.

Funny Bunny (Soft White) Builder+ Gel

A soft white with a cool tone, iridescent hint to prevent yellowing.

Passion (Warm Pink) Builder+ Gel

A warm, pink finish.

Bubble Bath (Cool Pink) Builder Gel+

A cool, pink finish.

Put It In Neutral (Neutral Pink) Builder Gel+

A balanced, neutral finish.

Samoan Sand (Warm Nude) Builder Gel+

A warm, neutral finish.

A compact hard gel system featuring 3-in-1 products that can overlay, build and sculpt.

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