30 Jun 20

OPI | Hidden Prism Collection

Paint a pastel rainbow with 12 new colours in different formulas that will make you radiate in the sunlight with glitter finishes, and glow in the moonlight with shiny iridescence.

In this collection, electric hues get a sun-washed finish. Vibrant pastels in pink and purple add a dreamy gleam to fingers and toes (She's a Prismaniac, Rainbows A Go Go, Feeling Optiprismic, Rainbows in Your Fuchsia). Poolside shades of blue and green evoke nostalgia for long summer days (Pigment of My Imagination, Gleam On!, Your Lime to Shine, Prismatic Fanatic), and subdued, shimmery oranges and corals give a nod to got days and warm nights (Ray-diance, Magic Hour, Coral Chroma, Optical Illus-sun).

OPI Hidden Prism Collection

"These 12 shades offer a modern evolution of the classic primary rainbow, "remarks OPI Co-Founder and Brand Ambassador Suzi Weiss-Fischmann. "Unique iridescent glitters and shimmer pigments give added depth and dimensions to a kaleidoscope of colour."

"Hero shades She's a Prismaniac [available in Nail Lacquer formula] and Rainbows in Your Fuchsia [available in Infinite Shine formula] offer a fresh take on the season's quintessential hot pink."

Six of the Hidden Prism Collection shades will be available in Nail Lacquer formula with glitter finish, including: Ray-diance, Magic Hour, She's a Prismaniac, Rainbows A Go Go, Pigment of My Imagination, and Gleam On!. The collection's other six hues will be available exclusively in Infinite Shine formula with an iridescent shimmer finish, including: Coral Chroma, Optical Illus-sun, Your Lime to Shine, Prismatic Fanatic, Feeling Optiprismic, and Rainbows in your Fuchsia.

Move into the light and experience the rainbow prismatic magic of OPI's new Hidden Prism collection.

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