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Bosisto's Essential OilsBosisto's Essential Oils



Established in 1852, Bosisto’s Parrot Brand is the pioneer of the eucalyptus oil industry in Australia.

As the first Australian product to be exported, over the past 100 years Bosisto’s Parrot Brand has established itself as the leader in the eucalyptus oil industry. With its wide range of medicinal uses, eucalyptus oil is a natural remedy for colds helping to alleviate nasal congestion and breathing. It is also used to help relieve muscular aches and sprains.

With the experience, expertise and thorough understanding of the benefits of eucalyptus, Bosisto’s has perfected the many uses of eucalyptus oil for the consumer.

Bosisto’s is a pure and refreshing natural product for you and your loved ones.


Where to buy
Bosisto's can be found in selected pharmacies throughout New Zealand, including Unichem and Life Pharmacies.  


Bosisto's Essential Oils

Live a more natural life with Bosisto's essential oils. 

Bosisto's Tea Tree Oil - an antiseptic and deodoriser, killing germs and bacteria. It is a versatile oil for minor first aid, health and household use.

Lavender Essential Oil - naturally calms and soothes, for rest & relaxation and aromatic for refreshing the home.

Eucalyptus Oil - the versatile essential oil is a natural antiseptic with multiple uses for you and your home. 

Bosisto's Aromatherapy

Bosisto's essential oil blends combine powerful natural extracts to boost your health and wellbeing. Offering blends to help sleep, purify, balance, focus, energy, breath and stress. These blends are available in essential oils, sprays and roll-ons.

Bosisto's diffusers can be used in conjunction with the essential oils to transform your home into a peaceful sanctuary with the calming, life-enhancing benefits.

Bosisto's Health & Personal Care

Discover the natural healing touch of Bosisto's health & personal care essentials.

Bosisto's Hand Washes are enriched with native botanicals to leave your hands feeling cleansed, soft, nourished and revitalised.  These are palm oil free, vegan friendly and dermatologist certified. 

Bosisto's Eucalyptus Throat Lozenges temporarily relieve a sore throat, clear a stuffy nose and soother an irritating cough.