Skinnies Sunscreen & Body barsSkinnies Sunscreen & Body bars

Skinnies is a sunscreen revolution using waterless Organogel technology, so it goes on clear, dries quickly and feels amazing on your skin.

Skinnies mission is to change the way people enjoy the sunshine through Skinnies range of innovative, non-white & non-greasy, gel based sunscreens.

Get your Skinnies on and get out there!


Skinnies Acne & Body Bars

1 bar 4 pieces, break it your way!

Skinnies Acne & Body Bar changes the game for soap. Sustainably designed in 4 segments so you can snap off what you need, use it, and store the rest in the portable & compostable box. Made with natural ingredients in New Zealand.

  • Natural
  • Vegan
  • Coconut Oil Derived
  • Cruelty Free