Eye of Horus Extends it Brow Range


Eye of Horus Cosmetics has expanded its Eyebrow product collection with their NEW Brow Fibre Extend.

This new range comes in 3 shades, light, medium and dark and gives you instant definition and brow volume in one simple application.

Containing unique organic brow enhancing botanicals, including: Canalicaluta Extract (seaweed) Laminaria Digitata (seaweed) Moringa Oil at functional dose, this buildable formulation lengthens and thickens brows adding natural-looking fibres in one easy swipe filling in any imperfections.


Eye of Horus


Mineral pigments give subtle colour to brow and sets in a long wearing formula.
Designed to use with micro applicator, for feathered or bold application.

Eye of Horus Brow Define Extend Key Features
Eye of Horus Brow Define Extend
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Eye of Horus Extends it Brow Range